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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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" the governor credits to decline with partnerships his administration has forged with police and prosecutors. >> the public expects them to partner up. >> the partnerships are a lot stronger. the information sharing and what technology allows us to do has been a huge help to law enforcement. >> together with law enforcement -- >> this comes on the same day of a "washington post" poll giving him in a point lead over likely challenger. he has a 58% drop approval rating. they're saying the governor can understand the problems and can be trusted. >> the difference is the experience of that i had and one of the most troubled, violent, cities in america. >> the ehrlich campaign says they do not comment on polls.
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for crime stats, they said that maryland ranking among the most 8 most violent states is not progress. the governor also tells -- touts crime-fighting initiatives that he pushed over the past four years. this includes eliminating the backlog of dna samples and interagency cooperation. >> there is still a lot more that we can do together. >> the governor's announcement could be part of a strategy. the same poll finds that his numbers are slipping here compared with the 2006 race. reporting live, tv 11 news. >> we have continuing coverage on the race for governor. go. and click on politics. >> president obama wants to put solicitor general and former harvard law school professor elena kagan on the u.s. supreme
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court. many expect her to be grilled at her confirmation hearings over her lack of judicial experience. one senator says that should not stop her confirmation the >> we need a person who understands the importance of the work of the supreme court. miss keeton and her role at the law school and as solicitor general, understands that. she has the broad experience we are looking for. >> if confirmed, it elena kagan will be the third woman on the high court. >> our solicitor general and my friend, elena kagan. >> announcing nominations, president obama called her one of the nation's foremost legal minds. >> she is respected and admired for her intellect and record of achievement and for her temperament. her openness to a broad array of viewpoints. >> she is considered a
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trailblazer by many. the first female solicitor general and the first female dean of the harvard law school. >> i looked forward to working with the senate in the next stage of this process. by thank you again, mr. president, for this honor of a lifetime. >> she has no judicial experience. something the chairman of the judiciary committee considers a strengthened of course we have a superb nominee. we have somebody who should be seen by the american people as the best this country can offered. >> some republicans on the committee say judicial experience is a necessary credential. they say she has not practiced law that much and her academic writings are scarce. >> what i think that means is we have to see a lot more questions and a lot more probing questions to try to ascertain just how it is that she approaches constitutional interpretation. >> she will meet privately with individual senators this week.
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>> the president says he hopes the senate will act in a bipartisan fashion and vote on this by early august. >> baltimore city may have another case that qualifies for the viable fetus law. under that legislation, anybody accused of killing a pregnant woman can be charged with the baby's death. betsy riggin was pregnant when she was killed in her own apartment last week. her boyfriend, injured jackson, is in jail, charged with murder. -- andrew jackson is in jail, charged with murder. >> he sits in jail charged with murder. we learn more about his criminal history, something that her family says they knew nothing about the course he is lucky he is in jail. i would like to tell him that if i could tie him to a tree, he would be sorry. >> her mother says she has never
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felt so angry or hateful as she does toward the man charged with killing her pregnant daughter. she says that he was the child -- father of her baby. she never met him and was shocked to learn he had an extensive criminal background of the course i cannot believe that my doctor, and she was, -- i cannot believe that my daughter and who she was would have known that. >> in 2002 and 2005, drug charges. 2008 brought a guilty verdict for theft. he was expected in court for a probation violation. on april 28, an arrest warrant was issued for a car accident. he was not picked up on that warrant and just over one week later, but he was dead.
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he faces multiple charges and could face more charges for killing the baby under maryland's viable fetus law. >> the medical examiner would determine, with the assistance of experts, that the fetus would be viable outside the womb when the murder occurred. " it is unclear how far along she was in her pregnancy. likely somewhere between three and five months. the state's attorney's office is waiting for those reports before making that determination. for betsy's mother, the answer is clear. >> this is murder. he killed his own child. >> her family is planning services for her this weekend and maryland and illinois. >> in baltimore councilman says he wants to see a 55% cut in property taxes for residents. carl stokes made the
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announcement asking the mayor and council to spread those who are exempt. >> carl stokes basically calling out his fellow colleagues on the city council and the mayor cannot basically asking them for help and joining him to cut the property-tax rate by 50% over the next 10 years. it is a tall task but he says it can be done. among his ideas, requiring tax- exempt entities that own property to pay a small fee for dedicated services like police and fire. he is proposing break out fees rather than all inclusive tax which is what is paid now. the councilman says high property taxes are the reason people leave or do not live or start businesses in the city and lowering rates could reverse that. >> if we begin the effort to reduce property tax, in the
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sixth and seventh and eighth year, more people will say the disparaging property taxes off the table, you know what? i will strongly consider moving into baltimore or bringing a business into baltimore or developing so much of the vacant property. >> he says that he hopes to have a formal proposal in place by early fall to have discussion with colleagues and have a bill on the books by this time next year. we will have more on this story at 11:00. >> thank you. there is new life coming to south baltimore. officials gathered this morning at middle branch along the river. they announced plans for a new waterfront park. >> with the new center for aquatic life and conservation,
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there will be a 7 acre public park with hiking and biking trails. the aquarium will perform a similar miracle for south baltimore. >> of the trails will eventually link to another trail. it is expected to be complete by spring of next year. >> stay with us. >> that initiative is to deter people from walking outside of these white lines. the preakness field continues to take shape. this looks like a showdown between hall of fame trainers. >> cool, breezy, and drive. some rain on the doppler moving our way.
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>> baltimore county police said they will start giving out warnings to pedestrians to cross illegally. >> the jump in the number of people killed caused officials to come up with the campaign. >> it is not hard to watch and see people crossed up here and down there but not using this area. officials hope to encourage people by enforcing the law. officers were on patrol. they did not have to go far. the people they are looking for just across the street and come to them. >> do you know how dangerous it is to cross the street like that? it's just a warning for crossing in the wrong place. police are targeting areas known for pedestrian accidents trying to reduce the number of fatalities but the courts last
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month, a 17-year-old became a victim. she died after being hit pushing her stroller. the child was not her. >> the county had 19 pedestrian fatalities last year. >> the majority of these are pedestrian error. the pedestrian was at fault and 82% of these cases. >> police are targeting walkers, joggers and bike riders who did not use crosswalks or obey traffic laws. >> it is very important for people to recognize that they do have responsibility. it is not all just the moving vehicles that have the responsibility. we are encouraging them to be aware of that and to look out some who agree think the roads need more crossing areas. >> in some cases, it is 1 mile from one traffic signal to another. people with baby carriages and groceries are not going to walk a half mile in one direction.
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>> others said there must be mutual respect between pedestrians and drivers but of course i see kids coming across and not crossing at the crosswalks. they are not really respecting the vehicle. " one warning was enough for a man caught crossing a few feet away. >> it is an everyday thing. you just cross the street. >> does this make you think? >> yes. i will not do it again. i do not want to get a ticket. >> warnings will be given to drivers who do not yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks. those warnings will soon turn to tickets. >> your insta-weather forecast. >> a chilly morning. temperatures in the 30's. almost down to record levels.
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was just 2 degrees away from the record. the outlying suburbs had frost on the rooftops and you may have had some frost on the grass. 64 for the afternoon high. eight degrees cooler than normal. it looks like this cool weather pattern will at last through at least tomorrow before a warm front can make its way through. the rain will clean some of the pollen out of the atmosphere but we are continuing to deal with these high pollen counts, especially tree pollen, which has been in the high range for a couple weeks. columbia at 63. a chilly 53 at ocean city with wind coming in off the ocean. a little bit of cloud cover
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getting into western maryland tonight and maybe a few height and thin clouds over us tomorrow morning. essentially a cold and clear night tonight. 35-42 for overnight. these storms in the middle of the country are slowly moving in our direction. you can see a split developing with storms to the south and heavy thunderstorms in the plains states. there is a little gap right there. you will pick up some rain tomorrow afternoon but probably not the heaviest of the showers that are occurring out in the middle of the country. the warm front approaches. chilly stuff ahead of the warm front. temperatures popup to normal or above normal ones that front passes by on wednesday. showers likely tomorrow afternoon. scattered showers and baby a thunderstorm as temperatures warmed a bit on wednesday. thursday, not nearly as much rain in the area.
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a 20% chance of shall work. it looks like thursday will essentially be tried. another chance on friday for a thunderstorm. it is tricky with all of this unsettled weather. right now, things are favoring a good day on saturday. iranian and chilly tuesday with a high of only 58. -- a rainy and chilly tuesday with a high of only 58. more showers likely in st. mary's county. ocean city will get to about 60. there may be a thunderstorm. on the bay, 10 knots. low 60's. high tide coming in at one minute before 6:00. good chance for rain tomorrow night.
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if _ maybe on wednesday. preakness' looks like a partly cloudy day with temperatures not all that warm but comfortable. 71 before showers develop sunday night into monday. >> 11 sports. >> as preakness week begins, it looks like the field will have a heavy weight trainers in the field. lookin at lucky will be coming for a rematch with super saver. super saver's trainer says he is pleased the way the horse has rebounded. pletcher could have as many as three horses on saturday. another trend will have two horses, dublin and northern giant. personal problems sidelined tiger woods for five months. physical problems could interrupt his comeback.
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he says the two problems do not have a link. he withdrew from the players championship because of a neck injury. he insisted his neck problems do not trace back to the car crash the day after thanksgiving that sent his personal life into a spiral. he says they surfaced prior to the masters. he plans to have an mri. this is literally a pain in the neck. >> it will work in spurts. it is annoying. the nea is good. the achilles is good. i am getting old. >> give it time. it gets worse. the cincinnati bengals officially signed pacman jones. the defensive coordinator made it clear that he will have absolutely no room for error. he has done a remarkable job
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turning the bengals defense into a force. he made it clear that he does not want his arrival to interfere with the defense of chemistry. he says that if he steps one and out of line, we will cut him. welcome to cincinnati. for ken griffey jr., that time appears to have caught up. he reportedly missed a chance to pinch hit in a game because he fell asleep in the clubhouse and the middle of the game. according to a newspaper, he dozed off. his bat seems to have gone into full hope -- hibernation. he has only four more are the eyes then he has naps -- for more rbi's than he has naps.
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>> if you or somebody in know is heading off to college this fall, you may want to know the most lucrative career paths. we will fill you in on a few measures that should pay off. crime statewide is falling tonight.
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>> a little breezy but not bad.
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gusty wind was kicking and over the weekend. >> big time. >> we bring in some rain which lenders and to mid week with state thunderstorm possible on wednesday. it warms up a bit wednesday and we are close to normal thursday with a slight risk of a shower. 80 on friday. the only day without a shower is preakness saturday. something is working out. it is tricky with all of these showers. right now, we will take it. >> thank you for joining us.
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